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@waves/waves-games npm version

Create and deliver game assets through Waves Platform

This library provides a hight level abstraction over NODE REST API and MATCHER REST API and enables game developers to do the following:

  • Create an item on blockchain with arbitrary metadata
  • Track an item among players (wallets)
  • Sell an item via Waves DEX
  • Buy an item via Waves DEX
  • List items assosiated with a particular game (address)
  • List items for sale by players or developers


async function howToCreateAnItem(creatorSeed) {

    const { Items } = require('@waves/waves-games')
    const { create } = Items(ChainId.Testnet)

    const items = Items(ChainId.Testnet)
    const request = create(100, true, { version: 1, main: { name: 'The sword of pain', img: 'img_url' }, misc: {} creatorSeed)
    const item = await request.execute()


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