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Interface ITransferParams<LONG>

Type parameters

  • LONG

    Generic type representing LONG type. Default to string | number. Since javascript number more than 2 ** 53 -1 cannot be precisely represented, generic type is used




Optional additionalFee

additionalFee: undefined | number

If fee is not set, this value will be added to automatically calculated fee. E.x.: Account is scripted and 400000 fee more is required.


amount: LONG

Optional assetId

assetId: string | null

Optional attachment

attachment: undefined | string

Bytearray encoded as base58 string

Optional fee

fee: LONG

Transaction fee. If not set, fee will be calculated automatically

Optional feeAssetId

feeAssetId: string | null

Fee can be paid in custom token if sponsorship has been set for this token


recipient: string

Can be either address(base58 encoded 24 byte address) or alias. Alias should be used like 'alias:{chainId}:{alias}>'. E.g.: If we have alias 'foo', and we want TESTNET transaction, recipient should be 'alias:T:foo'

Optional senderPublicKey

senderPublicKey: undefined | string

If not set, public key will be derived from seed phrase. You should provide senderPublicKey in two cases:

  1. Account, from which this tx should be sent, differs from tx signer. E.g., we have smart account that requires 2 signatures.
  2. You to create tx without proof. Therefore no seed is provided.

Optional timestamp

timestamp: undefined | number

Transaction timestamp. If not set current timestamp will be used. Date.now()

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