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Interface ISetAssetScriptParams<LONG>

Type parameters

  • LONG = string | number

    Generic type representing LONG type. Default to string | number. Since javascript number more than 2 ** 53 -1 cannot be precisely represented, generic type is used




Optional additionalFee

additionalFee: undefined | number

If fee is not set, this value will be added to automatically calculated fee. E.x.: Account is scripted and 400000 fee more is required.


assetId: string

Optional chainId

chainId: string | number

Network byte. Could be set as number or as char. If set as char(string), charCodeAt(0) will be used. E.g., 'W' will be converted to '87' If not set, 87 will be used as default

Optional fee

fee: LONG

Transaction fee. If not set, fee will be calculated automatically


script: string

Compiled script encoded as base64 string

Optional senderPublicKey

senderPublicKey: undefined | string

If not set, public key will be derived from seed phrase. You should provide senderPublicKey in two cases:

  1. Account, from which this tx should be sent, differs from tx signer. E.g., we have smart account that requires 2 signatures.
  2. You to create tx without proof. Therefore no seed is provided.

Optional timestamp

timestamp: undefined | number

Transaction timestamp. If not set current timestamp will be used. Date.now()

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